Functional and Pretty Ladies Organizer Tote Bags With Extreme Pockets


SmartGirl Bags keep you Organized and Stylish

SmartGirl Bags are the Perfect Ladies Tote Bags! Sexy meets functional. Designed with style but intelligent functionality: Think pockets! Lots of interior and exterior pockets. Great for the Gym, Travel, Work/Career, Mommy Carry-All, Teacher, Nurse, anyone who needs pockets, easy access, storage and a fun cute tote!

  • Stop Digging: 5 External pockets! Put your life at your fingertips

  • Stop Stuffing: 6 Internal compartments = intelligent storage

  • Stop Dripping: A Tethered wet-bag for swimsuits, loose items, or makeup

  • Stop Boring: Sexy Glamorous Upscale Design