Convert Baby Diaper Changing Table to DIY Rolling Wine and Beverage Cart March 15, 2016 16:25

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DIY Wine and Beverage Cart  - from a baby diaper changing table

SmartGirl Bags believes in innovation and functionality and of course, our cornerstone: organization. That’s why this past month and a half, we’ve taken on a DIY project converting a diaper changing table to a nice functional and highly organized (just like our SmartGirl Tote bags) Rolling Wine and Beverage cart.  A rolling wine and beverage cart is very practical for hosting parties and events at your home. The locking wheels allow for mobility to optimize placement of your cart during events. Everything is at one’s fingertips to either serve your guests or allow them to serve themselves from glasses to openers to the drinks.  Our blog will discuss the steps we took and the lessons learnt with hints.


  1. We started by purchasing a used standard Diaper changing table for only $20 using a local Facebook group page that sells items
    1. While one would think all diaper changing tables are the same, we quickly found out that the one purchased was fairly large in size and with many crevices and ledges making it a chore to paint. Something to consider before buying yours – is how big do you want the cart to be? Also, when we went to install wine stem rack holders, the width of our cart made it very difficult as standard wine stem racks are only 12 inches long (depth) – more on this to come.
    2. Another buying factor would be to consider how much weight you will be putting on the cart. Our cart was solid thick wood EXCEPT for the shelves – they were a thin plywood type of wood that one could not even drill into to put a screw – therefore this limited what we could install and how, into this cart.
    3. Another factor to look at is what type of leg bottoms does the cart have. Read step 4 on castors for an explanation on why that’s important.
      SmartGirl Bags DIY Wine Cart
  2. Lightly Sand and Paint the cart with two coats of gray primer. Our cart was solid white and we were turning it to a black piece of furniture to match the black and white dining room (with red accents). So with that dramatic of a change, it required two coats of a gray primer. If you were going with a lighter color, you could get away with one coat. Because of all of this carts crevices, this part of the project took twice as long as expected
    SmartGirl Bags DIY Wine Cart
  3. Paint the cart its new color. The end color of our cart was to be black to match the dining room set. The next step was to put two coats of black semi-sheen paint onto the cart allowing for a full dry in between coats of paint. We did this over the course of two weekends. You may also consider one coat of clear coat to seal - although we opted to skip this step.
    DIY wine and beverage cart featured by smartgirl bags
  4. Install Locking Wheels (aka Casters with brakes). The next step was to install the cart’s wheels – one of the main cool factors of our cart – giving it the ability to be moved easily throughout the home to position when company is mingling. The castors should have a lock called a brake so that your cart can remain stationary after it’s put into position. Finding and installing the right castors proved difficult for us beginners. We realized that our diaper changing table had very odd shaped legs that went from a thick wide leg to a very small thin bottom. This caused a problem finding castors that would fit. We purchased our first set of castors. This set were castors that have a rectangle-shaped top that has 4 screws that screw into the leg. We quickly realized when returning home, that would not work. The legs’ bottoms were so thin and narrow, the rectangle castor would not fit (too big). After, we discovered there are other types of castors. After several more castor purchases (and returns), we ended up with castor that has one large screw that you screw in after drilling a large enough hole. Make sure you know how to do this or have someone around who does. After experimenting, we found these castors with brakes that install with one solid large screw  after drilling a precise hole.  Not being experienced with a drill (and having only 1 shot to get this right), I enlisted the help of my darling husband for this part of the project.
      DIY wine and beverage cart by smartgirl bagsWine and beverage DIY cart featured by smartgirl bags
  5. Decide on and install a decorative cart top. Our inspiration came from a DIY Wine cart outlined on Pinterest and it had a blue and green mosaic tiled top. We ran into two problems with tile. We had a weight issue because of how thin the shelves are and we had a color issue finding the right mosaic tile at a low price (as the inspiration had done). First the thin shelves – we tried to find a way to reinforce them underneath but because the bottom of the shelf was not flush with the decorative wood (it was inset), we could not just add a reinforcement easily. So we would be forced to use only  a thin mosaic tile not any type of regular tile. After searching every craft and tile shop in town (this took two weeks), we could not find a color that would work. Our dining room is red, black and white. Finally, one day, while shopping, we found an interesting and creative solution. In the children’s arts and crafts section of Big Lots, we found 12”X12” very thin and flat cork circles. These circles were not even an 1/8” thick. I took them home and painted them red and placed on the first shelf cutting them with an exacto knife to a custom fit. A perfect decorative and artistic top was created with almost no weight!  Next we went to a local glass shop and ordered a thin 1/16” custom piece of glass to fit right over the top and keep the tiles dry should a spill occur. Wha La! The perfect artistic looking top was born.
    Wine and beverage DIY cart featured by SmartGirl BagsWine Cart top featured by smartgirl bags
  6. Install Wine Stem Rack under the first shelf. This step proved difficult because wine stem rack holders tend to come in cabinet width as a standard (12X12). Our shelf width was 18.5” in depth. A very odd width to accommodate. The choices for us included custom ordering the racks off of Etsy or building our own customer racks following a DIY instruction. In the end, I remembered our dining room table had a wine stem rack built into a cabinet that was underneath the tables in a storage cubby. I uninstalled these racks to find three rows approximately 22” long. I took these to Lowe’s where they cut them down to the needed 18.5.” After paining black, they were nicely installed! One open challenge right now – is how to keep the glasses from falling out of the front or back of the cart while moving it. If you don’t load too many glasses and are careful, it should not be a problem. We welcome ideas in the comments below.
    wine stem rack featured by smartgirl bagswine stem rack diy wine cart by SmartGirl bags
  7. Add Wine Bottle Rack or Holder. We initially thought we’d find a decorative metal wine bottle holder and install it by screwing into the base of the second or bottom shelf (preference). However because once again, our shelves were do thin that we could not screw into, we opted for a wooden decorative FREE-STANDING wine bottle rack found at World Market in a bland tan that we decided to paint red. The rack is wide enough, there’s no worries about it taking a tumble in movement. And the Red paint matches the cork top.
    wine bottle rack in DIY wine cart featured by SmartGirl Bags
  8. Add finishing touches and elements. Lastly and this is personal preference as well, it’s time to add finishing touches. We found a nice matching Paris tray also at World Market that fits nicely onto the top as well as a wine bottle holder for serving (keeps the bottles steady). We installed a metal two prong towel hook on one side and plans to install a hook for a beer bottle opener. In the future, we may add more décor to the cart – either a hand painted saying, our last name in calligraphy, or some wine related embellishments glued on with liquid nails. The nice thing is the cart is pretty much done and we can take our time to figure out embellishments as we move forward through the year.
    Finished wine cart by SmartGirl BagsSmartgirl Bags Featured DIY wine and beverage cart

Finished wine and beverage cart by SmartGirl Bags

SmartGirl Bags hopes you’ve enjoyed this DIY article and would love to see your comments and posts (even finished carts) as well as questions. Consider purchasing one of our highly functional organizer totebags for the gym, travel or work/career and use code: Winecart at checkout for 15% off. Shop now for your perfect stylish organizer tote bag