The Good Days + The Bad Days = The Lifestyle February 24, 2015 10:12

One thing is for certain, working out should be a lifestyle not a fad. A lot of women grow up thinking working out is synomous with dieting. The mentality is "if I blow my diet, I might as well stop working out too." The cycle of thinking like this can continue from generation to generation and it breeds obesity. Working out should be a lifestyle. It is about balancing the good days and the bad days and not beating yourself up. There will be days you don't do it. But do it tomorrow. There will be days you eat that cheeseburger and fries (and dare I say a chocolate milkshake?), but don't skip your workout that day. There will be days you can run forever and days you can barely make 15 minutes. Embrace the day for what it is and don't let guilt or expectations make you react with self-disgust or worse self-sabotage. Working out is a lifestyle. Embrace the good day and make the most of it - run longer. Embrace the bad day, and say "tomorrow will be better" but just keep doing it.