Are your workouts a chore? April 02, 2015 15:25

When working out is a lifestyle, it means a lot of workouts each year. If you workout three times per week, that's 156 workouts each calendar year; four times a year = 208. If you're like most of us, not every workout is a slam dunk. When fitness is a lifestyle, there are days one is just pure bored. An important component for not losing motivation is to add variety to spice things up, especially when the going gets tough. Sometimes it's hard to see the choices that you might have. There's always the choice of "what do I do today?, Do I choose treadmill? Elliptical? Cycling? Do I do weights on my own? or a Weight lifting class? But that's usually where our choice menu ends.

Some ideas for new choices include to research day passes for other gyms in your area besides your own. Some gyms have unique fitness classes with a daily drop in rate of $5-$15. How about a dance fitness studio where you can take a few dance aerobic classes?  Often just going some place new will get you motivated again. How about joining a bootcamp for a month? Or how about checking out the programs at community centers or the YMCA? Often the fitness programs are low cost and the variety is worth the extra charge. Often Groupon or Living Social have fitness class specials or bootcamps at a reduced rate. These are also good alternatives to shake it up.

I recommend making a chart of all of the classes your gym and your gym's branches (other locations) offer based on Monday-Saturday during hours you are most likely to go. Then add to it the other offerings as mentioned above as "backup"  or alternative to take when bored. So when going to run 3 miles on a treadmill sounds dreadful, you can see what's available at the timeslot elsewhere. This keeps things fresh and often just knowing there's an alternative helps you achieve your goal.

Happy Fitness LIFESTYLE.