Why SmartGirl Bags Were Created April 06, 2015 12:54

We created the SmartGirl Bag out of sheer necessity. After years of going to the gym carrying big ugly duffel bags or pretty but useless "tote" bags, there was a need for something more. The last straw was when not finding what was needed for a workout turned into a skipped workout for the last time.

Always in a hurry, a bag was needed that had "quick easy access" to the important gym essentials in order to get in and out of the gym without a lot of fuss. Bags on today’s market are either huge black holes where everything gets dumped into but is hard to sort through and find what you need or they’re pretty but lacking any organization at all. There are sporty plain bags and sure they’re cool but one can only do “Sporty” for so many years. After all, we have nothing to prove. Sporty doesn’t mean I work harder in the gym than pretty does it?  What ever happened to pretty in the gym? Sassy? Chic? The SmartGirl Bag redefines the gym bag experience.

Regarding organization, there are a few bags out there with "advanced organization" but in researching these options, they required one to fold and neatly fit your items into certain shelf-like compartments in order to take advantage of the organizational features. Fold my stuff?? Not on your life. A separate zippered compartment for shoes? This means taking the time to put shoes into it! Time is what we're all short on!  Most of us have a short window of opportunity for getting our workout in during the day. We want quick easy access. We want to walk into the gym and throw our keys, sunglasses and phone in one pocket, grab our headphones, arm band and padlock out of the others and jump on the treadmill.

So SmartGirl Bags took the concept of a purse-like sassy chic pretty “look” and married the look with tons of pockets both inside and out. We tested the first prototypes for over 2 years with real women at the gym who go on a regular basis. With final modifications made in 2014 and sassy fabrics and colors chosen, we launched our Spring 2015 line. We added an optional Power pack (SmartPack) so that the woman on the go can stay powered up with her phone and essentials.

We also have feedback from customers that they love our bags for non-gym purposes. Many ladies say they use theirs for crafts, for traveling (a tablet fits nicely in the long outer pocket), day bags, and even for a camera bag. In fact, one customer uses hers as a purse!

For whatever you use your SmartGirl Bag for, we hope you enjoy your SmartGirl Bag. We truly believe they make going to the gym tons more fun!