Starch-Based Diets May 12, 2015 14:58

Recently I was asked to take a challenge: Try a starch-based diet for two weeks. The premise was I would feel better, lose weight and see improvements in my recently diagnosed high blood pressure. Starch-based diet guru, Dr. Charles McDougall, claims that eating a diet based around out of the ground grown starches such as potatoes, rice, and corn, will help our bodies to heal and to stay healthy and slim.  The idea is that the cultures who are starch-based such as the Asian countries, tend to be slim,  healthy, and live longer. Being a huge meat and cheese lover, I hesitated for about a week before accepting this challenge. My usual day involves eggs for breakfast, turkey and cheese for lunch, protein for an afternoon snack, and huge helping of meat at dinner with a small portion of starch and veggies. I wondered how I would be able to stick to starches only without passing out. I decided to try it for two weeks. I opted for a plant-based protein shake to start my days along with a big bowl of oatmeal with almond milk, walnuts, and cinnamon. Not too shabby - filling, healthy, tastes good.  I made a big pot of lentil soup with veggies to eat for lunch and beans and a corn tostado with tomato for dinner (I did miss the cheese). I found myself full and never running out of ideas for snacks. I didn't miss the meat or eggs until about day 4. Oatmeal again? Hmmmmm.  Eating out has been beans at Taco Bell - not sure that falls under the healthy category. Being a woman on the go, it's definitely a diet that requires cooking and planning.

It's been one week - I've added shrimp to a few meals - not sure Dr. Charles would approve. I have lost 3 lbs and feel rather good! I am pressing forward to finish out the month with this plan. Because I'm actually enjoying looking to healthy foods to satisfy me, at the end of May, I will keep the plan but modify it be adding in fish,seafood, and eggs. Not sure about evil cheese.

The key to life is moderation - Eating healthy 80-90% of the time and some occasional splurges.

Starch-based? Why not - it's not for everyone but don't knock it till you've tried it.

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