Repurposing August 11, 2015 10:30 1 Comment

An old kid’s sports rack storage system sat in my garage for too many years unused long after the kids grew up. It’s one of those wire rack types where you have slots for the golf bags and balls, and baseball bats and some hooks to hang things with a small middle and large top shelf. As I was about to give it to the Goodwill, I had an epiphany. I had been longing for a consolidated place to put all of my gardening things. I excitedly cleared out this rack and added S hooks to the back wall. I loaded my larger garden and lawn items such as soil and mulch in the bottom bin. I hung my mini shovels, scissors, bulb hole maker tools (is that what you call them?), all against the back wall. On the top shelf I put my fertilizer, fungicide, and insect sprays. On the middle shelf, I had a bin with my gardening gloves and other necessities. As I started at my new gardening area with extreme pride, I was filled with satisfaction. Not only did I organize my stuff, I repurposed an item for good use in this second chapter of life.

Our SmartGirl Bags are similar to that shelf (only WAY cuter!). According to our customers, we have them being used for many unusual purposes. One nurse uses her bag to tote all of her belongings from floor to floor about the hospital. We have a stylist who uses her bag to bring all her supplies when she goes onsite to do weddings. We have a pet groomer (yes a pet groomer) who uses her bag to keep all of her pet grooming tools in. We have one mom of a special needs wheelchair son who uses her bag to keep on the wheelchair with all of the medical supplies she needs as she goes about her day. Teachers also use our bag to tote the day’s necessities and lunch around the school. The list is endless.

In short, whether you’re repurposing a shelf or finding a new purpose for a SmartGirl Bag, we encourage you to get creative, get organized, and have fun!