Creating A Great Travel Packing Checklist October 12, 2015 17:09

I am one of those people who has a list for a list. My son’s friend once came over and was reading my to-do list. He laughed hysterically. I asked what he was laughing at. He said, “You have a list for your list – see here you say Christmas shop ‘see list.’” His perception was that my list making had gone overboard. In my life, I’ve reflected on that – I now firmly believe list making has created organization and saved me time. It has also prevented countless times of frustration of forgetting things. I will be sharing various lists I’ve created over the next few blog entries. We’ll start today with my favorite and most used list – the Travel Packing list.

  1. Travel Packing List – I use Excel to create a packing list that is truly repeatable for every trip.
    1. Pre-trip actions – Here I list actions that should be done before I start packing…perhaps days in advance…..for instance, pause newspaper service, get to the ATM, refill medicine, book a pet sitter, print travel documents etc etc
    2. What to pack – I keep a full comprehensive list – whether I’m traveling by car or plane may dictate what I bring. If I don’t need something, I just cross it off the list for that trip.
      1. This section is broken down checklist style by these categories. These are just mine – you might have others.
        1. Electronics – GPS, phone charger, camera/charger, Laptop and charger, Music dock/speaker, Headphone charger, backup phone power (SmartGirl Bags sells one!)
        2. Toiletry items – makeup, shampoo/conditioner, hair spray, makeup, hair clips, brush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste etc
        3. Workout Gear – SmartGirl Gym Bag (sold here), Workout outfits, workout bra, running shoes, headbands, socks, water belt, jacket
        4. Beach/Pool gear (if applic) – Bathing suits, cover-up, pool shoes, flip flops, beach towels, sunglasses, snorkel mask/fins, sunblock, bug repellent
        5. Daily dress stuff – shoes, sandals, bathrobe, light jacket, pj’s, sweats, baseball cap, shorts, skirts/dresses, slip, pantyhose, tops, undies, bras, jewelry
        6. Entertainment – books, magazines, journal
        7. Doggy Stuff – dog food, leashes, crate, dog toys, baby gate, bowls, bones
        8. Snack Foods – protein bars, crackers/cheese, nuts,
        9. Medications – vitamins and medicines, ibuprofen, cold meds
        10. Work Stuff – laptop and charger, mouse, keyboard, mousepad, wireless headset, markers, notebooks, pens                                       

The idea is that before every trip, you print your list and use it to prepare and pack quickly so that you forget nothing. Evernote is a great place to keep your list – so it’s accessible all the time from anywhere or any type of cloud storage such as Dropbox, My Google Drive, OneDrive etc. Don't forget that SmartGirl Bags also make wonderful travel bags - with 5 exterior pockets to put everything you need in and 6 internal compartments, you're all set - whether car or plane!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list. Would love your comments!