5 Organization projects to add to your spring-cleaning list March 31, 2017 10:27


  1. The Pantry – This is a project I dread. Maybe that’s why it’s first on my list. But what better motivation than the spring-cleaning itch to organize and spruce up the pantry? I’m not going to lie, seeing images like from classyclutter.net gives me organization envy. But there are some simple things you can do to make your pantry more organized without breaking the bank or re-decorating. First, get rid of unwanted food items. We all have that almost empty box of cereal no one will eat or maybe an expired can or two lingering in the back. Just toss them.  Organize cans and boxes by type. And if you can put breakfast items on one shelf, baking on another etc. It will feel a million times better!
  2. Purses/ tote bags – This is one that I typically forget about. I don’t know about you but I have a bag for work, a purse…a few purses, a diaper bag and an occasional bag for other day trips. And they don’t always get cleaned out immediately. Organize the chap sticks, gum packages, coupons and so forth. And if you have a SmartGirl Bag this will be an easy project that you can feel good about in the end. All the pockets in the SmartGirl Bag help to avoid the black hole effect. And it can be easily wiped clean.
  3. Clothes closets – You know the routine on this one. Time to put away winter gear and clothing and bring out the warm weather stuff. Maybe even time to purge a few items you didn’t wear this year.
  4. Junk drawer(s) – Ok another dreaded project. I’ve been avoiding mine for a while. But seriously how long can you keep scratch paper, random paper clips and dead pens?! Time to toss some things! And it only makes the treasures you find more usable.
  5. Computer files and photos - Have you thought of this? Time to throw away the trash on your computer, organize important documents, put photos in proper folders, back them up to an external hard drive, etc. Important tasks that sometimes get put on the back burner.