Top 10 Gifts for a Fit SmartGirl in 2017 December 19, 2016 11:11

We all know that fit SmartGirl that is sometimes too tough to buy for. Yoga pants again? Another tank top? Year after year her gift wishlist is the same old. This year, we've put together the top 10 perfect gifts to get that special fit woman for her new 2017 upcoming year!

  1. Apple Watch – now partners with the Nike app for complete training and tracking.
  2. Sassy tank top with a motivational or fun saying. Spice up your girl’s workout selections with a fun tank that she can enjoy.
  3. Daily/weekly fitness planner/journal. Help her plan and stay on course with a handwritten workout journal. Sure, there’s plenty of electronic apps these days but sometimes it’s just nice to have it all in writing on a nice Sunday morning as you plan your week over coffee.
  4. A mini blue tooth keyring speaker – headphones on a long run are out. Just tie this to your backpack, fanny belt or whatever and blare your music down the trail.
  5. Heated gloves – cold hands? Every runner or biker knows that’s the toughest part of winter. Get a pair of heated gloves and never suffer again. With a lithium battery that lasts hours, they’ll outrun you.
  6. Furniture sliders. Okay sounds odd. But did you know how many tough exercises can be done by using sliders underneath your feet? Check it out – she’ll be sure to thank you for the creativity
  7. Fitness channel subscription. Almost all major brands of fitness DVD’s also have an online monthly subscription program. Your loved one can shake up her routine by having a different at-home workout at her fingertips every day with this gift.
  8. Phone Power bank for extra power. Why worry about a dead phone during a long workout? An ultraslim power bank will charge your phone 2-3 times over. SmartGirl Bags has one today for an extra low price. Use code FITGIRL for 20% off too!
  9. Wine of the month club – whoops – okay not really fitness oriented, but quite fun after a long run!
  10. …….and #1 (we saved the best for last) why, a new SmartGirl Bag for the gym. Why go plain, same old same old? Or why get a pretty bag that’s a complete “black hole?” You can have pretty and super organized all in one. Our bags, quite affordable too we might add, provide you sassy flirty patterns and 11 pockets inside and out! Go for it Fit Girl! Use code FITGIRL for 20% off now through January 31, 2016!