Creating A Summer To-Go Bag – 5 Items You Must Include! July 18, 2016 12:39

Summer is a busy time. Moms with young kids are on the go constantly. Trips to the library, museums, splash pads, pool parties, play-dates, picnics at the park, not to mention sporting events, camping trips and day camps. Packing a bag with all the essentials will help you stay more organized for all the activities summer throws your way.  You never know when you’ll be rushing out the door for that last minute pool invitation or you just need to get out of the house for some fresh air at the park.


So what should your bag include? Every family will have their must-haves but here are 5 summer essentials to include:


  1. Sunscreen – keep it simple, sunscreen stick and spray to quickly apply to those kiddos ready for some fun in the sun.
  2. Bug Spray – It’s important to keep those kids safe from insect bites. Keep some insect repellant handy.
  3. Water – have some water bottles ready to go in your bag. Staying hydrated is important for healthy little bodies!
  4. Snacks – have a few snacks ready to go. We love fruit leathers and goldfish in our house. Something to curb little appetites while they are out playing hard!
  5. A change of clothes – You never know when those little legs will run through a fountain or splash in a mud puddle. It’s nice to have a spare change of clothes. You could even keep a spare swimsuit in your bag for such occasions.


Staying organized will help you enjoy those fleeting summer moments even more. And with your SmartGirl Bag, the eleven pockets inside and out it,  will make it even easier to stay organized. So stay Smart and pack your bag now!


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