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Packing the Perfect Ladies Travel Bag   January 18, 2016 14:29

Being away from home often exposes how it is the little things in life make our lives comfortable and cozy. It’s often frustrating to travel and find yourself without some comforts and conveniences as you play "planes, trains, and automobiles" within a 16 hour travel day.  A comfy neck pillow on a long flight is often a coveted item within the travel entourage. A little comfort when you cannot a single comfortable position to sleep, as you’re head bobs up and down, is like finding gold.  Having backup phone power when your phone dies in the middle of a movie is worth its weight in gold as well. At SmartGirl Bags, we recommend putting together a packing checklist that includes what to pack in your carry on travel bag for a long day of travel. You may not want to bring all of these items or you may have more to add to this list, but this list is our idea of a nice comfortable entertained flight.

Booties (for going barefoot when you remove flip-flops or sandals at security in summer – EWWW fungus)

Headphones (need we say more)

SmartGirl Bags SmartPack-Backup power banks (or two) to charge dying in-flight electronics


Tablet PC – to play games/movies

Pen/paper or journal (the best ideas can come when traveling)

Neck blowup pillow (for comfort with sitting up and sleeping)

Phone a/c cord (for those extra-long days and convenient power stations that some airports now have)

Coffee mug (empty) This is also great for using at your hotel  - grab a nice large cup of coffee and bring it to your room while you get ready

Snacks  (who doesn’t regret not buying food before a 3 hour flight? – get prepared)

Laptop/power cord/mouse/mousepad


One-two day dosage of important medications

Brush or comb

Makeup emergency kit

Scarf – for those freezing flights

Gloves - (in winter)

And of course  - all this in your SmartGirl Bag with its 11 pockets inside and out that fit nicely under every airline seat! Get your perfect organizer tote - shop now


Let us know in the comments below what else you’d add!