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Top 10 Gifts for a Fit SmartGirl in 2017 December 19, 2016 11:11

We all know that fit SmartGirl that is sometimes too tough to buy for. Yoga pants again? Another tank top? Year after year her gift wishlist is the same old. This year, we've put together the top 10 perfect gifts to get that special fit woman for her new 2017 upcoming year!

  1. Apple Watch – now partners with the Nike app for complete training and tracking.
  2. Sassy tank top with a motivational or fun saying. Spice up your girl’s workout selections with a fun tank that she can enjoy.
  3. Daily/weekly fitness planner/journal. Help her plan and stay on course with a handwritten workout journal. Sure, there’s plenty of electronic apps these days but sometimes it’s just nice to have it all in writing on a nice Sunday morning as you plan your week over coffee.
  4. A mini blue tooth keyring speaker – headphones on a long run are out. Just tie this to your backpack, fanny belt or whatever and blare your music down the trail.
  5. Heated gloves – cold hands? Every runner or biker knows that’s the toughest part of winter. Get a pair of heated gloves and never suffer again. With a lithium battery that lasts hours, they’ll outrun you.
  6. Furniture sliders. Okay sounds odd. But did you know how many tough exercises can be done by using sliders underneath your feet? Check it out – she’ll be sure to thank you for the creativity
  7. Fitness channel subscription. Almost all major brands of fitness DVD’s also have an online monthly subscription program. Your loved one can shake up her routine by having a different at-home workout at her fingertips every day with this gift.
  8. Phone Power bank for extra power. Why worry about a dead phone during a long workout? An ultraslim power bank will charge your phone 2-3 times over. SmartGirl Bags has one today for an extra low price. Use code FITGIRL for 20% off too!
  9. Wine of the month club – whoops – okay not really fitness oriented, but quite fun after a long run!
  10. …….and #1 (we saved the best for last) why, a new SmartGirl Bag for the gym. Why go plain, same old same old? Or why get a pretty bag that’s a complete “black hole?” You can have pretty and super organized all in one. Our bags, quite affordable too we might add, provide you sassy flirty patterns and 11 pockets inside and out! Go for it Fit Girl! Use code FITGIRL for 20% off now through January 31, 2016!


5 Ways SmartGirls Maintain Weight During The Holidays November 16, 2016 14:44

By SmartGirl Bags


  1. SOUP.  Yes, we said soup. There are plenty of healthy soup recipes (see our blog on finding healthy recipes). Create 2-3 soups on Sunday night. Eat a decent high protein breakfast every day and have a big bowl of soup for lunch and a cup before dinner with a side salad. Eat dinner as usual. If hungry in between meals, have a cup of soup. If heading to a holiday party, have a cup beforehand to help resist fattening appetizers. Soup helps to fill you up thus, you will consume less calories as a whole without dieting.
  2. Shake up your workout routine with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Ditch your same old workout during November and December. Try a new routine with a Video of an HIIT workout or join a local boot-camp class. Even a workout of 20 minutes will burn fat for hours afterward and might be a great time to cut loose and rid yourself of holiday stress. Don’t forget SmartGirl Bags make great workout gym bags!
  3. Convert high sugar high calorie dessert recipes – take the holiday dessert recipes you love and find ways to make them lighter in fat and calories. Often substituting a half sugar half Stevia mix helps to reduce the sugar content. Pinterest is an excellent place to find recipes that are already converted.

  4. Low calories “adult drinks.” Many holiday parties and gatherings involve alcohol. While everything in moderation, consuming alcohol can be very fattening and lead to “loose decision making’ with subsequent food choices.  Two good options to consider drinking are Prosecco and Champagne. Both are lower in calories than wine or mixed drinks. Another option is club soda, stevia, lime and vodka or tequila.

  5. Breathe. Take time to relax and have some down time during this busy season. Often it’s the stress that adds the extra pounds not just extra calories. Set aside 10 mins each morning to do deep breathing exercises and mediate and/or pray. Write in a journal for a few minutes a day listing all your thankful for. Call a friend and have virtual “coffee” time together. smartgirl bags, breathe, yoga

Creating A Summer To-Go Bag – 5 Items You Must Include! July 18, 2016 12:39

Summer is a busy time. Moms with young kids are on the go constantly. Trips to the library, museums, splash pads, pool parties, play-dates, picnics at the park, not to mention sporting events, camping trips and day camps. Packing a bag with all the essentials will help you stay more organized for all the activities summer throws your way.  You never know when you’ll be rushing out the door for that last minute pool invitation or you just need to get out of the house for some fresh air at the park.


So what should your bag include? Every family will have their must-haves but here are 5 summer essentials to include:


  1. Sunscreen – keep it simple, sunscreen stick and spray to quickly apply to those kiddos ready for some fun in the sun.
  2. Bug Spray – It’s important to keep those kids safe from insect bites. Keep some insect repellant handy.
  3. Water – have some water bottles ready to go in your bag. Staying hydrated is important for healthy little bodies!
  4. Snacks – have a few snacks ready to go. We love fruit leathers and goldfish in our house. Something to curb little appetites while they are out playing hard!
  5. A change of clothes – You never know when those little legs will run through a fountain or splash in a mud puddle. It’s nice to have a spare change of clothes. You could even keep a spare swimsuit in your bag for such occasions.


Staying organized will help you enjoy those fleeting summer moments even more. And with your SmartGirl Bag, the eleven pockets inside and out it,  will make it even easier to stay organized. So stay Smart and pack your bag now!


Shop now for your perfect summer tote bag!

Getting organized for your week SmartGirl by SmartGirl Bags January 25, 2016 12:55

I cannot remember a time where I wasn’t juggling so many things in life. From juggling college and family to juggling a career and family, my days have consisted of running around ragged trying to accomplish multiple priorities and to-do lists with too many things on them to get done. After 26 years of this or more, I am sharing some of the tactics that have helped me to stay organized so I can pull it all off with as little effort as possible and without wasting time.

First, I have a Master to-do list. My master list is in the same notebook in the same place on the corner of the counter every day. The only time I move it is when we have a more formal event at the house and I am trying to look like I don’t have “piles” everywhere.  The master list is only allowed to be one page and it’s categorized into 5 chunks always in the same spiral college ruled notebook.  The list’s categories are “to go,” “to call,” “to do,” and “computer work,” and “personal goals.” These tasks and to-do’s are my master but they are not necessarily prioritized in any kind of order of importance (that comes later). My to-go section list places I remember I need to go. It could include the grocery store, a hardware story, get a pedicure, appointments, errands etc. My to-call list are calls I must remember to make at some point. This could include questions on a policy, doctor appointments, quotes for repairs etc. My to-do category is where I list things that must get done at home such as organize the office, do taxes or bills, cleanup the yard, pay the next door neighbor etc. My computer work section is generally anything I need to do online or on the computer such as email my accountant, pay my credit card, order more of this. And lastly the personal goals usually includes something I’m working on personally to grow and achieve a goal as well as spiritual goals such as eat less, pray more. After this list starts to get full or too scratched out with completes, I rewrite the whole list on a clean sheet of paper within that same notebook and throw away the old one. I probably only do that twice a month. It’s a moment of pleasure to scratch off the to-do or to create a fresh list that doesn’t have so many on it yet. Yes I am one of those people who add items to the list that I completed that were not originally written on there just to gain the pleasure of crossing it off. Sick, I know J

Next, every week, usually on Monday morning, I sit down and create my “weekly to do list.” The weekly list pulls from my master to-do list and from my smartphone’s calendar which has upcoming appointments and obligations. The weekly list considers prioritization and order of importance whereas the monthly list does not. I include in this weekly list a “tentative” workout plan, so I can see on which days I will need to work out in the early morning, lunchtime, or after work or which days I’ll be attending a group fitness class or running on my home treadmill. That very action is what has kept me on a faithful workout schedule for going on 9 years straight. I always write my weekly tasks in pencil in case things have to move around and change. Walgreens sells a nice one pager blank weekly tear-out page that works nice. But a piece of paper will also do the trick.

Next every single morning, I get my daily to-do list out. Before I discuss this, this year I’ve made it a point to spend time with God being thankful for a few minutes as well as submitting prayers and requests before tackling my daily task list. I cannot encourage you enough to try this as I find it’s now what brings more peace to my day. Okay back to the daily list. This is a blank piece of paper with categories that match the master list – to-go, to-call, to-do, computer, and personal goals. Looking at my weekly list, I write my daily plan out. Usually my daily plan has more details than just what is on my other lists. This is where I might write general household items like cook soup, go to the grocery store etc that aren’t important or different enough to call out every week on the other lists and vary according to needs and what’s going on that day.    I carry this list with me throughout the day  so I can make a call or complete a to-do on it wherever I am. At the end of each day, anything I did not finish on my daily list is set aside and I revisit it in the morning as I start this process all over again.

Maybe you think “that’s nuts” or “way too much work” – Honestly the whole process never takes me more than 10 minutes and over the years, I’ve tried all kinds of electronic forms of this approach. I have settled with the good old-fashioned paper and pen method because it helps me to think and organize better to have something write in front of me at all times.

Other important helpers to keep my day streamlined include having my gym bag organized, filled with essentials, and ready to go. I use my Purple Passion SmartGirl Bag for the gym taking with me every day. I also use a Red SmartGirl Organizer tote bag for work/career carrying my tablet, notebook/pen, and a/c cord nicely as well as library books or other essentials.

I hope whatever method of organization you use helps you to be successful and productive giving you more time to spend on yourself with a hot bath, pedicure or a nice book.

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Cheers SmartGirl