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Tips to Getting and Staying Organized by SmartGirl Bags May 22, 2015 13:23

There are many benefits to being and staying organized. I personally believe it’s good for the soul. The feeling of order helps create contentment and inner peace. Whether you believe that or not, organization certainly helps you streamline your life and be more effective. SmartGirl Bags believes organization and “easy access” go hand in hand. Being super organized but having your things out of reach, means you won’t use the items or you won’t put them back or it takes too long and you give up. Having what need (easy access) when you need it is key to achieving your goals.

Being organized helps you feel more confident and saves you time. The average person wastes almost an hour a day searching for misplaced items like house keys, reading glasses and important pieces of paper. In the gym, the time wasted can result in a lesser workout or even no workout at all.

Below you’ll find tips to help you start organizing your life and keep it organized.

  1. Define what areas of your life are slowing you down because they are not organized.

Perhaps it’s okay if you’re purse collection is not color-coded or super organized because you only change purses every few months. It’s not a big deal. Don’t waste time on that. That’s not a key area to invest in. However, if you’re gym bag is constantly overflowing and overloaded and you waste valuable workout time - maybe even having to forego a workout –to get back to work, then that IS a place to work on. Or for example you can never decide what to make for dinner because your pantry is disastrous and you cannot see what’s in there, perhaps that’s a place to spend time reorganizing.

  1. Create a list of what’s essential for you to complete important tasks or activities with

If you go to the gym regularly, you need a master list of what’s essential to have with you each and every time you go so you don’t leave without important items. Having your SmartGirl Bag pre-packed with those essentials of course make it even easier. If you go camping in the summers, keeping a master list of camping essentials means that you know what it takes to prepare and can prepare that much easier and faster. If you only do certain activities certain times of the year, for instance, hiking in summers or beach vacations, lists of essentials can mean remembering what is important when the time comes. For instance, keeping a packing list for short and long trips, with a variation for beach and cruises means you’ll quickly be able to prepare for those trips. Keeping a camping checklist and a hiking and backpacking list means you won’t leave home without essentials that could save your life. These lists save valuable time when it’s time to go.

  1. Keep important items related to a specific activity in a certain spot or location

Taking your master lists a step further, keeping the essentials within a category or activity in one spot takes organization a step further. For instance keeping all camping gear neatly organized and labeled and in one spot in the garage or basement means it’s even easier to get out the door when the time comes. Keeping your gym bag filled up and in the car means you can do a spontaneous workout at any time (also means no more excuses).  

  1. Get rid of what you don’t need

Do you really need packet of peanut butter “just in case” in your gym bag? Or how about those extra socks that you think maybe one day will come in handy? Pare down your list of essentials to what you really need. This streamlined approach will help you feel even better about getting in and getting out. If you overdo your list – it’s no longer a list of essentials – it’s a list of “nice to have’s” and can become overwhelming.

  1. Get going and Reward yourself.

Finally, a good way to maintain momentum with your organization is to put it into action and then reward yourself. If you’re organization methods are working and you’re achieving your goals, do something nice for yourself like a pedicure or non-fat latte.

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