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5 Ways SmartGirls Maintain Weight During The Holidays November 16, 2016 14:44

By SmartGirl Bags


  1. SOUP.  Yes, we said soup. There are plenty of healthy soup recipes (see our blog on finding healthy recipes). Create 2-3 soups on Sunday night. Eat a decent high protein breakfast every day and have a big bowl of soup for lunch and a cup before dinner with a side salad. Eat dinner as usual. If hungry in between meals, have a cup of soup. If heading to a holiday party, have a cup beforehand to help resist fattening appetizers. Soup helps to fill you up thus, you will consume less calories as a whole without dieting.
  2. Shake up your workout routine with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Ditch your same old workout during November and December. Try a new routine with a Video of an HIIT workout or join a local boot-camp class. Even a workout of 20 minutes will burn fat for hours afterward and might be a great time to cut loose and rid yourself of holiday stress. Don’t forget SmartGirl Bags make great workout gym bags!
  3. Convert high sugar high calorie dessert recipes – take the holiday dessert recipes you love and find ways to make them lighter in fat and calories. Often substituting a half sugar half Stevia mix helps to reduce the sugar content. Pinterest is an excellent place to find recipes that are already converted.

  4. Low calories “adult drinks.” Many holiday parties and gatherings involve alcohol. While everything in moderation, consuming alcohol can be very fattening and lead to “loose decision making’ with subsequent food choices.  Two good options to consider drinking are Prosecco and Champagne. Both are lower in calories than wine or mixed drinks. Another option is club soda, stevia, lime and vodka or tequila.

  5. Breathe. Take time to relax and have some down time during this busy season. Often it’s the stress that adds the extra pounds not just extra calories. Set aside 10 mins each morning to do deep breathing exercises and mediate and/or pray. Write in a journal for a few minutes a day listing all your thankful for. Call a friend and have virtual “coffee” time together. smartgirl bags, breathe, yoga

10 Blogs To Find Healthy Recipes November 04, 2016 12:37

It’s 5 PM and your stomach is telling you its about time to make dinner. The littles in your house are starting to ask for food. You want to feed your family a good, healthy meal. So what do you do? Go to Pinterest of course! Save this pin for those nights when you need a good resource for dinner ideas or menu planning. 

 Here are 10 GREAT blogs to find some Healthy recipes that are great for the whole family brought to you by SmartGirl Bags.


  1. - Contains fabulous family friendly recipes as well as diet information and weight loss inspiration.
  2. - One of my favorite recipes from this site is Grilled Island Chicken ( Her focus is on helping you get more comfortable in the kitchen.

  3. - Great recipes the kids will love too! ( )
  4. -This blog has some great vegetarian recipes.
  5. - Classic recipes that your family will want to make over and over.

  6. - This blog has a focus on seasonal ingredients and whole foods.

  7. - Tried and true recipes that will bring your family to the dinner table.

  8. - This blog has some great healthy recipes including gluten free, kid friendly and vegetarian recipes.

  9. - Contains some great original recipes that are healthy and easy. ( 
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  10. - The focus of this blog is to encourage healthy living but enjoy those treats now and again. (

How Planning & Organization Can help you achieve your goals April 23, 2015 11:48

Let’s face it, working out and a healthy lifestyle can be hard to accomplish when you’re living life at a fast pace. Between work, family, life, and other events there’s often little time or energy to stay on track. Planning and organization can help bring consistency to your lifelong commitment. First, by planning your week of workouts in advance on Sunday night or early Monday morning, you can create a plan that already takes into account appointments you have scheduled. Rather than waiting till Tuesday morning to realize your evening workout won’t happen because you forgot your husband has a work dinner you’re required to accompany him to, you review your work and personal calendar Sunday and realize that Tuesday you will have to get up super early to get that day’s workout in. You adjust your schedule accordingly. Planning also gives you a chance to come up with a “backup” plan. If Tuesday won’t work at all, perhaps Saturday or Sunday can be a makeup day or Thursday can be an extra long session to make up the difference. In the age of electronics, there are apps and tools out there for this kind of planning. However, sometimes it’s just a plain piece of paper labeled Monday-Sunday that works best with a number two pencil for changes. A national pharmacy store chain often sells a tablet of weekly planning pages that can be torn out and filled in at the start of the week. These are often great for that weekly view one stop shop view.

Secondly, planning your meals a week in advance, can you help you stay on track with a healthy eating plan.  Often logging your favorite “go-to” meals in an app or tool, means you can simply review the master list and decide what the meals will be all week long. You can then lookup new recipes to fit in between old standbys.  Using the master list, you can then create a grocery list before the week begins. Easier said than done? Yes, sometimes planning does take a lot of work when we’re most tired (or lazy) on Sunday night.

Is it worth it? Absolutely – Planning is one of the keys to having lifelong fitness and health. Anyone can plan for one diet for one month. But looking at healthy living for the rest of your life means making planning itself part of your routine just as you would fitness or rest or fun!

Next, organization is another key to helping you achieve your lifelong fitness goals. Keeping your gym bag stocked with key essentials you need every workout helps you to stop scrambling and wasting key workout time and get into the gym quickly. A workout bag that has exterior pockets such as the SmartGirl Ladies gym bags, helps keep what you need most at your fingertips. Keeping a stock of essentials – water bottles, protein bars, headbands, helps you to be prepared for your workout. Having a power bank in your bag helps keep your phone charged so there’s no excuse for skipping a workout due to a dead phone battery. Lastly, having all of your sweaty, wet clothes in a tethered wet bag, helps you to get home, throw dirty clothes into the laundry and head to the next item on your list.

SmartGirl Bags intends for their bags’ designs to help the woman on the go make things happen smoothly and easily. Between planning and staying organized, you are able to achieve lifelong goals. We throw in a bit of fun too with our sassy designs.