Tips To Ease Traveling With Toddlers Over The Holidays December 01, 2016 17:30

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Toddlers are notoriously cranky and unreasonable; they want what they want when they want it, completely lovable and extremely wiggly little people. These are among the reasons why traveling with a toddler can bring on the parental anxiety attack.  

 Here are a few tips to ease some of the stress of traveling with a toddler brought to you by SmartGirl Bags mom and writer, Brittney Yarrington. Brittney recently tried these tips out over the Thanksgiving holidays and wanted to share them with moms who might be traveling over Christmas or Hanukkah.


  1. Amazon Prime – Did you know that with the Amazon Prime app you can download videos to use without wifi? And apparently Netflix is going to offer the same service! (Hallelujah!) It’s the greatest thing! I would suggest having a few of your toddler’s favorites downloaded and ready to go. It truly was a lifesaver on the plane and even on a long road trip.
  2. Library books – Pick up a few library books before you go. If you have a book-loving toddler, new books are always exciting! And I would suggest getting paperback books to save you on weight and space. Just be sure to remember how many books you have to avoid library fines.
  3. Eye-spy bag – I was worried about bringing too many toys with little pieces that I would have to keep track of. When you’re in an airport there are so many things to keep from losing and little toys should not be one of them. This eye-spy bag is the perfect solution. My toddler loved to name familiar objects and learn new words. It kept her attention for a few minutes at least. (Ha!) SmartGirl Bags make excellent choices for holding all of these little goodies too! Or If you’re feeling extra crafty you can find a tutorial here:
  4. Get them tired – If possible, have someone in your party sit with the bags while you take your toddler on a walk around the airport before the flight boards. Get some of the wiggles out and stretch some little legs before you will be sitting for a long time.
  5. Organization – Knowing right where everything was helped immensely! I could quickly grab a snack or a book when my toddler was getting restless and quickly calm her down before the tantrum. And of course it was my SmartGirl Bag, with all of its space and pockets, which helped me stay organized. And it was the perfect carry-on size fitting right under the airline seat too for easy access!


Traveling with a toddler or a baby can be tricky! Hopefully some of these tips will help you enjoy a stress-free journey! Good luck and happy traveling!