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Founder's Story


A lot of women want to know how SmartGirl Bags came about.

As a younger woman, I struggled with an unhealthy lifestyle and the unhappiness that comes with it. In 2007 I made a huge lifestyle change and committed to five days of cardio and three days of weightlifting each week. As a new fit woman "on-the-go," I quickly realized I needed to carry a lot of necessities with me as I transitioned each day from the corporate office to the gym, and home again.

Between group fitness and independent workouts, I found I needed snacks, a padlock, quarters, a swim suit, extra tank, towel, water bottle, earphones, weight-lifting gloves, and more. Just entering the gym, I had to wrestle with sunglasses, keys, a phone, and membership card every time. I had quite a few cute gym bags but none with the organization I needed.

It was as if my stuff sank into one big dark "black hole". All the while I dreamt of pockets upon pockets, and most of all EASY ACCESS to what I need to get in and get out quickly.

Years later, I set out to design and build a SmartGirl Bag that combines classy and sassy style with practical functionality.  My motto is "Work out Like A Man But Look Like A Woman!"

I tested the SmartGirl bag for over 2 years before creating the winning trifecta: Sassy Design, Advanced Organization, and Power (optional). The look of the SmartGirl bag collection is redefining the gym experience. Designer style can be a part of your workout.

Awhile later, after launching as a gym bag company, our customers decided SmartGirl Bags were also awesome for traveling and many other purposes. All of the outer pockets and the way it fits under the seat make it the ideal bag running through airports. Other customers use the bag as a career/work bag toting all of their belongings to and from home to work each day. Some ladies like the bag as a large purse, and we've even had moms want this bag as a diaper bag. Basically anyone loves this bag that likes pretty things and lots of practical storage. Thus, the SmartGirl Bags Perfect Tote was born. 

Giving Back

SmartGirl Bags is founded on a core value of giving generously to our community. As such, we have established a SmartGirls of the Future Scholarship Fund to help single mothers achieve their higher education goals. A percentage of all sales fund this scholarship in hopes to helping single mothers achieve their dreams.

We also plan to also support other causes we are passionate about, including supporting orphans, extreme poverty, and the vulnerable, trapped in human trafficking. SmartGirl Bags wants to be a hand extended to those in need.

Christina Esterly, SmartGirl Bags Founder

SmartGirl Bags