The Inside View of a Perfect Ladies Bag -

What does the inside of the world's best ladies tote look like? As if the 5 external pockets weren't enough, the inside of the bag has 6 (yes 6) compartments! That's enough space to put have a place for everything you need.


 "I love my SmartGirl Bag because I can put all of my son's stuff in it for soccer practice and still have room for what I need to carry too"  Jessica A


"I am a teacher and use my SmartGirl Bag to carry all of my daily supplies, notebooks, homework, books, and lunch back and forth each day. I love all the pockets!"  Ruth E.


"I bought my SmartGirl Bag as a gym bag. I love that I have so many pockets for all the stuff I carry day to day to the gym. I am buying a second one for travel, I love them so much."  Robin G.

Take a peek at the inside of a SmartGirl Bag


(*Pretty In Pink and Classy Sassy Interior pictured below)