SmartGirl Stories

Who is the SmartGirl?


It's the wife that juggles it all...from working in the office, to doing laundry, making lunches, cooking dinner, homework with kids striving to be a sexy fit wife..the SmartGirl gives her best day after day while keeping her body healthy and fitness at the top of mind. She loves her SmartGirl Bag because it keeps her organized and gets her in and out of the gym quickly and in style.

It's the career woman on the go who has to compete in the corporate boardroom, stay connected 24X7, meet deadlines and demands....only to find her inner strength...before starting again tomorrow. She loves her SmartGirl Bag to carry her personal belongings and lunch in to and from work each day in style. She loves her SmartGirl Bag for keeping her organized and efficient.

It's the world traveler....who wants to get through security quickly without pressure, wants to keep her water, snacks, and phone handy under the seat in front of her for easy access, wants to breeze through the airport with all she needs in one place yet still finds time for beauty and style on the run.  She loves how her tablet fits in her SmartGirl outer side pocket while the sassy chic design makes her feel B E A U T I F U L.

It's the single mom who from working all day, running to daycare, doing homework, getting groceries, and cooking dinner, still finds a small piece of time for herself to keep her body in shape and set the example for her kids. She loves her SmartGirl Bag because its versatility lets her use if while running around all day and in the gym to stay organized.

Who is the SmartGirl? It’s the woman who works as hard as a man but wants to look like a lady!  The Woman In All Of Us!

What's in YOUR gym bag? 


The average woman on the go carries up to 30+ items with her to the gym, begging the question: What’s in YOUR Bag? Isn’t it time to get organized and sassy?

SmartGirl designer Christina Esterly tells the story of how just walking into the gym, she has her sunglasses, keys, and phone in her hands. In her bag, she carries her water bottle, phone arm band, weight-lifting gloves, wrist straps, snacks, loose change, headbands, earphones, towel, a padlock and sometimes her cycling shoes.

Christina's always in a hurry! Being a working mom and wife, she usually has a limited time for fitness. Her commitment to herself is to work out at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. If you have a window of 40 minutes and spend 10 of them digging for what you need in your gym bag's "big black hole," you lose precious workout time and may have to reschedule often hard to do.

SmartGirl Bags' five exterior pockets provide "easy access" to the critical items that you need in a hurry, and the functional interior was designed to organize the rest of your belongings usually needed for longer workout days. The bag is small enough to fit in the locker but big enough to hold all essentials.


Tell us your story - find our social media sites and use #whatsinyourbag to tell us what's in your SmartGirl gym bag.  Submit a picture of you and your SmartGirl Bag to us and we may use your story.  If we use your story, you'll win a free SmartPack Power Bank and 15% off your next SmartGirl Bag purchase.


Word is out - SmartGirls Use Their Bags For Everything Everywhere!

SmartGirl Bag customers are truly "SmartGirls." They have decided their bag is too cool for just one purpose, therefore, we've compiled a list of some things our customers are using their SmartGirl Bags for as told to us by our current customers.

Here are some of our favorites:  

  • Gym Bag -  The re-designed gym experience - really it's like a gym "purse" - sassy, chic, and organized!
  • Travel bag - the exterior pockets make traveling a breeze!
  • Makeup/Hairstylist Artist Bag - for the Stylist on the Go!
  • Pet Groomer Bag - All your grooming tools in one spot!
  • Crafter's Paint Bag - Pockets for paint brushes! Need we say more?
  • Photographer's Bag - Add a camera insert and it's the best bag ever!
  • Designer Diaper Bag- Mom's love all the pockets inside and out and the strong structure!
  • A Purse! Love the pockets - This is the mother purse of all purses ladies! 

Tell us what you use YOUR SmartGirl Bag for.  Connect with us on social media #smartgirlbaguses and tell us your unique use of your SmartGirl Bag. Don't have one yet?  Get one quick - shop now!