SmartGirls Give Back

SmartGirls of the Future Scholarship Fund

Young single mom celebrates graduation with daughter

Of the many charitable concerns SmartGirl Bags cares about, one in particular is near and dear to the heart of the company. SmartGirl Bags believes in helping single mothers who are striving to obtain a better life for themselves and their children through higher education. Federal and State programs typically help with tuition and books but fall short in other areas that prevent single mothers from fulfilling their dream. Single mothers are keenly aware that practical expenses like rent and daycare can become inhibitors to achieving their dreams.

SmartGirl Bags knows that single moms value time with their little ones and simply cannot go to school, work full-time and remain an effective parent. We understand that a single mom needs help with these types of basic living expenses, so she can graduate from college and elevate the lives of her and her children. This is why we are passionate about helping "Smart Girls of the Future!"

In 2016, 2% of all sales will be contributed to the SmartGirls of the Future Scholarship Fund. This scholarship will distribute awards in 2016* to applicants that meet qualifications.**

*Pending the scholarship fund meets the established 2017 criteria
**Applicant guidelines will be published December of 2016