Why This Bag?

 A SmartGirl Bag is the Perfect ladies tote. You are a woman on the go right? This bag's 5 external pockets, give you space to put the things you need - a water bottle, sunglasses/keys, phone, headphones, toys, snacks, sunblock, and more RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!

 The inside of the bag is roomy and has 6 internal compartments! yes that is space for everything you need - more snacks, lunch, a laptop, books, antibacterial spray, change of clothes, just about anything you need.


There's a tethered detachable wet bag so you can put those wet items in or use it to carry small things like loose change.

 Did we mention the STYLE?  Gone are the ugly duffel bags or the pretty bags with no storage! You have a tote that is sexy, functional, chic, and sassy! It even looks like a purse.



Great for Teachers, Career/Work, Stylists, Pet Groomers, Mom's, Women on the Go, Mothers of Handicapped children, Airline Flight Attendants, Gym Rats -- Basically anyone who loves pockets and pizazz!


No more Disorganization!