The "Classy and Sassy" Perfect Organizer Tote Bag

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As a woman on-the-go, you’ll find this lovely "Classy and Sassy"  SmartGirl Tote Bag to be a favorite addition to your workout, travel itinerary, or to meet any of your organizational needs. We've even had customers use this as a purse, it's that lovely. The Classy and Sassy SmartGirl Bag is super elegant with its shiny black top and simple yet fun style. But don't let its classiness fool you. It's super sassy with its sleek durable satin shine, the large exterior shiny pockets featuring large while polka dots and hint of pink with the light pink trim. This bag shouts "I can workout hard like a man but look like a woman" and it redefines the gym, work, or travel experience making it truly more fun!

The "Classy and Sassy" SmartGirl Tote Bag has an interior that matches the outer trim, in a washable light pink nylon, so you are able to see all of your belongings quickly as your transition from cycle class to weight lifting. SmartGirl Bag designs were tested over 2 years to ensure the advanced organization meets the needs of a woman on the go!  Each bag features the following:

5 Exterior pockets – for easy access to all your essential items quickly when you're in a hurry (late to class!)
6 Interior compartments – including 2 zippered, 2 mesh pouches, 2 side pockets, for your longer gym stays
1 matching removable Tethered Wet bag – for your wet items or a makeup pouch (11" X 9")

Powered Up (optional accessory): Consider adding a Power Pack today to stay charged up! No more silent workouts with a dead cellphone battery!

*Pictured accessories  in the bag not included



Tote Bag: 13" (L) x 12" (H) x 7" (W)
Tether Bag: 11” (L) X 9” (H)
Tether Bag strap: 30" (L)
Weight: Approx 2 lbs

Designed in USA/Imported


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