The "Purple Passion" Perfect Ladies Organizer Tote Bag (on Clearance now)

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Hey ladies, This SmartGirl Bag screams SASSINESS -- As a woman on-the-run who likes to shout out her personality, you'll gain a new passion for working out, traveling through airports, running from home to work with your "Purple Passion" SmartGirl Bag!  This dark royal purple shiny satin finish with black and white zebra striped pockets is sure to catch the eye of all your fellow fitness class members. Your designer style will have people wondering, how can you be so stylish yet you work so hard?  You'll answer that this bag is all about the organization not just style. Because you're a SmartGirl, you know you can have BOTH.

Your SmartGirl Purple Passion Tote Bag says “I am all woman!” wherever your road takes you.

The "Purple Passion" SmartGirl ladies Tote Bag features a deep rich purple top and black and white zebra-striped pockets. The interior is a light gray nylon. Each bag features the following:

5 Exterior pockets – for easy access to all your essential items -  when you need them most on the go!
6 Interior compartments including 2 zippered, 2 mesh pouches, 2 side pockets giving you advanced organization
1 matching removable Tethered Wet bag – for your wet items or a makeup pouch (11" X 9")
Powered up! (opt) - Consider adding an optional Power Pack, SmartPack, today to stay charged up! No more silent workouts with a dead cellphone battery!

*Pictured accessories not included



Tote Bag: 13" (L) x 12" (H) x 7" (W)

Tether Bag: 11” (L) X 9” (H)
Tether Bag strap: 30" (L)
Weight: Approx 2 lbs

Designed in USA/Imported

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